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website optimization companies in the United States

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local seo companies in the united states

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Internet Marketing Companies in the United States | Website SEO Company | Internet Video Production | Local Search Marketing | 1st Page Google Maps Optimization | Website Optimization Services

Internet Marketing Company - United States

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Sevilla Local Media - is a Search Engine Optimization Company based in Riverside, California, with an affiliate office in Montebello, California.

"Sevilla Local"  - operates on a customer for life philosophy, believing that regular communication between company and client - regularly improving performance - and attentive, sincere customer service - breeds loyalty and fosters a stronger, long lasting business relationship. 

We give God the glory for all of our success.

 We offer Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Products on a contract and no-contract, pay-as-you-go scenario. With a low one-time, non-refundable set-up fee, you can choose to pay monthly upon receipt of invoice via Pay Pal, auto debit, check, or money order.

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We have many success stories and boast an impressive list of clients both big and small. From home day care centers and mobile car detailers to large insurance brokers and law firms - Sevilla Local Media can brand your business name both locally and to the masses; increasing your visibility in local and national searches via the Internet, and especially the World's #1 ranked search engine - Google.

Sevilla Local - specializes in 1st Page Google Maps placement.  This effective form of generating new business leads has been the back bone of our business model; inclusion into more than 150 local business directories (such as Yelp, Vista Print, and Showmelocal), blog sites, and video sites (we make a custom video for you in all packages) - your business appears at the top of Google!

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Did you know that...

97% of all consumers searching for a local business, do so, via the Internet.

We put your local business on the FIRST PAGE  map, or in the organic results section with your website and a high-quality video commercial - and we keep it there, guaranteed! 

Local SEO Services:

local seo services in riverside ca

Website Optimization:   

What is "Website Optimization"?

Website Optimization is the on-going process of making your website search engine friendly; meeting their criteria to be considered substantive and non-spam. When your website is optimized in such a way; rich in keywords - written in substantive, legitimate text in a flowing, sensical way - along with many other factors (alt text; meta tags; h1 tags; anchor text, etc) - supplemented by numerous, quality off-site optimizations (back links; URL optimization; contextual links; video branding, etc.) - you then see how Sevilla Local Media makes your website rise to the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing - capturing 1st page organic, Google Maps and Video results - with your specific, chosen keywords/search terms and selected cities.

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Have your website optimized (6 month minimum agreement) to secure you 1st page results for relevant searches in the organic results section of major search engines, focusing on Google. click here to buy now or call!


google maps optimization companies in the united states

1st Page Google Maps:  

We will create and/or claim a Google Places/Local listing page for you - optimize it and perform the necessary SEO upon it for 1st page search results on Google (we guarantee a minimum of two (2) 1st page searches) - click here to buy now or call!

Internet Video optimization company in the united states

 Internet Video Branding Commercial: 

Brand your company name! We will create a hi-definition, top quality slide show video (included as part of your Google Maps and Website Optimization program) or, shoot footage/film a hi-quality HD Video at your location (see example here)

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Site Submission/Directory Placements:  

We will write a solid, search engine friendly SEO description and submit your local business information - with URL included - and submit it to more than 100 business directories and search engines, such as: Yelp, Yellow Pages, Kudzu, Yasabe, and more - increasing your on-line visibility so that you may gain more new customers! click here to buy now or call!

local seo companies in California

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Best Local SEO Company in the United States!

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To God be the Glory!

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Website Optimization and Local SEO Services in the United States 

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