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Press Release: Adriana's Insurance Services

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January 25, 2013

For Immediate Release

Personal Achievement Award from Adriana's Insurance Services

Adriana's Insurance Services, Inc. - has announced that Adriana Gallardo, Founder and CEO of Adriana's Insurance Services, Inc. - has created a new special achievement award - "Vidas Ejemplares" (Examples of Life) - to be presented  to a member of the public that best exemplifies one who has overcome obstacles in life and has achieved the American Dream.

The award, traditionally awarded to an Adriana's Insurance Services company associate who best exemplifies this profile, is featured at the company's annual company event.

"Vidas Ejemplares", is modeled after the founder's life story, and how she has risen to the top of the independent insurance world, shattering the glass ceilings of being a female executive and minority business owner in an ultra-competitive industry, not to mention a loving mother and dedicated wife.

The dominant brand in the Hispanic insurance market, the beloved Adriana Gallardo, is a well recognized image and public figure; adorning life sized billboards and print media throughout Southern California. Regularly seen on Spanish language television and heard on radio, the talented and attractive insurance mogul can also be seen having fun in self-produced company commercials/music videos that rival anything seen on mainstream television - English or Spanish.

Having started from humble beginnings and with a single Pomona, Californian office - more than 20 years ago - Adriana's Insurance has become a key player in the California Insurance Industry and now holds the keys to more than 50 locations, spread throughout 5 counties.

Visit the Adriana's Insurance Website to learn more about this special award:   Or, Contact: Omar Bernabe

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